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Where from will Bangladesh source coal for power generation?

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Energy consumption in the world has been stepped up from traditional coal to oil and then to natural gas and nuclear. As per the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2011, the coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy respectively contributed to 27, 30.6, 21.7 and 4.9 per cent to global energy. However, the world […]

Coal in Phulbari, Birampur – Economy and Politics.

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Coal is the most highly used source of energy for generating power in the world. Although, it has adverse environmental impacts, it is so widely used mainly because it is relatively cheap, abundantly available and readily fits with traditional power generation technologies. It is extracted from mines using both underground and surface mining techniques – […]


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International Oil Companies (IOCs) have made a mass exodus from the country’s hydrocarbon blocks, leaving them with only one more stretch to explore and raising serious questions over Bangladesh’s energy security. The IOCs, which have rights to explore oil and gas in 10 out of the country’s leased-out 46 blocks, have abandoned their drilling drive […]