All visitors to this site noticed that there have been no new post for long time. It has two reasons a. dearth of relevant input materials, b. lack of resources to be involved for research and update. Considering above it is only valid that the site is used keeping its original aim and pursue its goal in a possible means.

Leadership quality is important, hence it’s development is useful for the social and economic advancement of our society.

Keeping our diverse social values be it religious- godly or what is called secular that relates to knowledge for leadership will be propagated here.  Traditional or universal goodness of morality, humanity and ethical philosophy will be highlighted in a spirit of enlightening our society and in pursuit of excelled personality.

Mostly it will be borrowed from others, be it national or transnational. So we changed our paradigm of approach to search and to achieve the good of greater Dinajpur.

Please be with us and reflect always.

Dinajpur Education Foundation